Asia Triathlon Cup Osaka 2023 with the Iconic Osaka Castle as Your Stunning Surrounding

By | 27 Mar, 2023

The Asia Triathlon Cup Osaka will take place in the heart of Osaka, Japan, with the stunning Osaka Castle Tower serving as a backdrop to the competition. The event is set to take place on 27 - 28 May, 2023.

One of the unique features of the competition is the swim discipline, which takes place in the outer eastern moat of Osaka Castle. This historic site adds an extra element of excitement to the event and has been the site of the world's first triathlon race in a moat back in 2017.

After the swim, athletes will embark on a challenging bike ride through the vibrant green grounds of Osaka Castle Park. They will pass through the bustling Osaka Business Park, where traditional culture and modern technology coexist side by side.

The course, which winds through groves of trees, provides an awe-inspiring spectacle with Osaka Castle looming in the background. Athletes will race toward the finish line beyond the trees, driven by the cheers of the crowds and their own determination!

If you're interested in learning more about the Asia Triathlon Cup Osaka, click on the event page below for detailed information.

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28 May, 2023 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Jumpei Furuya JPN 00:53:21
2. Robin Elg HKG 00:53:38
3. Koki Yamamoto JPN 00:53:50
4. Teppei Tokuyama JPN 00:53:56
5. Tzu I Pan TPE 00:54:05
6. Ryousuke Maeda JPN 00:54:34
7. Dan Tomiuchi JPN 00:54:36
8. Mitsuho Mochizuki JPN 00:54:40
9. Satoshi Iwamoto JPN 00:54:42
10. Ruka Kai JPN 00:54:48
Results: Elite Women
1. Niina Kishimoto JPN 01:00:07
2. Yuka Sato JPN 01:00:31
3. Miyu Sakai JPN 01:00:56
4. Manami Hayashi JPN 01:01:14
5. Chisato Nakajima JPN 01:01:17
6. Ayame Hayashi JPN 01:01:27
7. Sarika Nakayama JPN 01:01:35
8. Mako Hiraizumi JPN 01:01:59
9. Fumika Matsumoto JPN 01:02:15
10. Minori Ikeno JPN 01:02:26