Workout Wednesday with Bill Ziering

Workout Wednesday with Bill Ziering

By Chelsea White on 27/01/16 at 9:00 am

When it comes to the sport of triathlon, age is just a number. And when it comes to USA’s Bill Ziering, his number is 86. Ziering was crowned Age Group World Champion in Chicago in the standard distance race for the male 85-89 age category. Making it a point to swim alongside friends and stay active at least once a day. He shares his triathlon story with us for this week’s Workout Wednesday

“Going on 86 the sands of time are running out, my rocking chair is being dusted off but for awhile longer I’m going to heed the remarks of Winston Churchill, “Never, never,  never give up” and Vince Lombardi, “The measure of what we are is what we do with what we have,” - the wise words of Mr. Ziering.

Name:Bill Ziering
Country:United States of America
Age Group: Male 85-89
Profession:Retired MD

How you got involved in triathlon?
I started the sport 40 years ago. My wife and I based our courtship in checking out this emerging sport and we discovered it truly enhanced and deepened our relationship so I have been involved ever since.

Never was much of an athlete. As a kid growing up in Brooklyn when teams were being chosen, I’d be the last one in. Still the love for the game trumped my ineptitude and I swallowed the cat calls . Fast forward to my adult days in Fresno, CA. In the early 80’s, triathlons were coming alive. As a doc I was able to share in sponsoring some events. I literally was born again. Dusted off the ole Raleigh, found a pair of sneakers, and could kind of sort of half way manage a back stroke in the pool!

Bill Ziering

How often you train?
I do something every day.

Best training advice?
I train with awareness of how I feel that day and by exploring the advice of multiple experts as proposed in their columns.

What motivates you to race?
I am highly motivated when I train with other like minded athletes. I belong to the Treadmill Triathlon Club, The Kelp Krawlers (open water), Fitness and Friendship (cycling) and recently, The Laundry Runners.   

Favourite workout:
Out here in my hometown of Monterey, CA, at Pacific Grove, adjacent to our notable aquarium, there’s a bay where we practice our open water swimming
Each Sunday at precisely 11:30 AM, about 30 of us plunge into the 56ish degree water at Lovers Point aiming for the yellow buoy out about a half mile
We are the Kelp Krawlers!

It is not the cool water that is so daunting, but the sea of kelp, the swim-along otters, the squeamish sea lions and the occasional sited sharks all of which sets the stage for a PB swim outing.

I must say however, frequently I hear what a motivational force I am to others, the truth is without my fellow athletes, at 86 I’d likely be napping in my hammock most days!