Wild Card Project for BG World Cup

Wild Card Project for BG World Cup

By ITU Admin on 06/08/06 at 12:00 am

An exciting, new programme for developing Elite athletes!

26 July: Sport Development Update: The BG World Cup Wild Card Project will provide funding for Elite athletes from emerging and developing countries to participate in World Cup races. The primary objective of this project is to provide support, resources and expertise to athletes from emerging/developing National Federations to compete at a World Cup level and at the same time increase the number of coaches from emerging/developing National Federations gaining experience in the preparation and support for athletes competing at a World Cup level.

How many Wild Cards are available?
There will be four designated BG World Cup Wild Card events each year.  At each event, there will be five (5) designated Wild Card spots for women and five (5) spots for men.

Application process
National Federations apply to ITU a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event in order to be considered for a Wild Card spot.

Information required for application:
• Name of athlete
• Performance record in Continental Events

Qualification Criteria
Athletes must: 
• be registered with their National Federations;
• demonstrate the ability to race at a top Continental Cup level;
• be prospects for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games;
• be committed to long term development, with the Olympic Games as their ultimate objective;
• comply with all ITU competition rules including age, equipment, and uniform requirements.

Athletes who are awarded Wild Card spots:
• will provide feedback to ITU to assist in further growth and improvement of the programme; 
• will be tracked into the future to determine their progress.

First BG World Cup Wild Card Event
Beijing World Cup, 2006
Applications Due August 24, 2006.
(no late applicants will be considered)

For more information contact:
Libby Burrell  libby@triathlon.org or
Kristine Chambers Kristine.chambers@triathlon.org


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