Triathlon Essentials 14: Breaking Down the Run

Triathlon Essentials 14: Breaking Down the Run

By Brad Culp on 22/02/10 at 10:37 pm

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The final stage of triathlon: The run

In this week’s triathlon essentials we start to break down the final segment of triathlon—the run. In terms of technique, the run is the simplest of the three sports to pick up, but as it comes at the end of the race, it can often be the most physically taxing part of the day.

Notice the short and fast strides of these elite athletes. Many new runners often fall into running with a longer stride length, which can cause fatigue over the short term and injury over the long term. As you run, occasionally glance down at your feet and make sure that they’re landing directly underneath your body. This will decrease the strain on your legs and help you have a little something left for a big finishing kick!