Triathlon Association of the Philippines receives Olympic Solidarity boost for Green Triathlon

Triathlon Association of the Philippines receives Olympic Solidarity boost for Green Triathlon

By Merryn Sherwood on 01/02/12 at 10:58 am

Triathlon in the Philippines has received another green boost, with the Triathlon Association of the Philippines gaining an Olympic Solidarity grant to help fund its first Green Tri workshops for 2012.

TRAP is a strong supporter of the ITU’s sustainability message and launched its Green Tri initiative last year. This year it has successfully secured a grant for its Green Triathlon Initiatives 2012 from the Olympic Solidarity programme under its ‘2009-2012 Quadrennial Plan for Sports and the Environment’ programme.

As in 2011, TRAP’s Green Tri programme goals are to reduce and manage pollution and waste in triathlon events. This year, they aim to intensify and widen the promotion of long-term environmental consciousness among all stakeholders of triathlon - from triathletes, coaches, officials, media,  to sponsors, fans, venue hosts and suppliers.

“We hope that our efforts will create an imitable example for our partner race organizers in the provinces and, perhaps, our colleagues in other sports federations in the country,” said Tom Carrasco, TRAP President and ITU Treasurer.

And TRAP is already spreading that message, after the first Green Tri Initiative workshop on January 28. The full day workshop had participants from media, sponsors, venue hosts, TRAP officials and volunteers, with an aim to draw up actionable green plans for 2012.

“The workshop went very well. The participants were well represented, enthusiastic and participative. Useful info was shared by speakers from Greenpeace, Ayala Foundation, a solar energy expert and a manager from an ISO certifying body,” said Carrasco.

TRAP also have planned follow-up workshops in March and April, development of a website, management and promotion of a Facebook page and full implementation of green plans in triathlon events. For more information on TRAP’s Green Tri initiative, including the chance to sign a pledge of support, please click here.

For more on the ITU’s committment to sustainability, please click here.