The first Para-triathlon Development Camp was hosted in Yokohama, Japan

The first Para-triathlon Development Camp was hosted in Yokohama, Japan

By ASTC on 12/05/18 at 11:34 am

Para-triathletes attended the first ASTC Para Triathlon Development Camp in Yokohama, Japan where they were introduced to the more basic side of triathlon training.

6 athletes, 4 coaches, and 4 supporters from 4 countries join the 5 days camp in combination with taking part in the Yokohama World Paratriathlon Series. Throughout the camp, the para-triathletes were able to see what it may be like to race more competitively with international athletes to reach higher levels.

All participants are dreaming of becoming next Olympian. The successful debut of triathlon in Rio Paralympic games inspired them to place their first footstep for their journey to 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Their footstep for their dream was to taking part in the first Para Triathlon Camp and take classification before World Paratriathlon series in Yokohama.

Tokyo Paralympic Games triathlon will accommodate 40 male and 40 female para-triathletes in 4 categories based on their functional ability. Increased number of participants in next Olympic games is bringing more para-triathletes to triathlon.

A coach from Korea, Jang Yunjung, said that the camp was really helpful for her athletes to understand what it takes to be elite para-triathletes. All of participating coaches and athletes learn a lot through the 5 days camp that introduced diverse drills and training programs.

“We not only had a lot of information about para sports and pathway in the future, but also had enjoyable training sessions thanks to dedicated and well-organized facilitators. It is events like this that builds friendships and understanding between us Asian neighbors and unites us further under the Paratriathlon Ideals,” said Robert Paul Martinez, a coach from Philippines.

“This program will continue to enhance development of para-triathletes in Asia. ASTC is trying hard to boost paratriathlon. Next year we will increase supports on paratriathlon development projects,” said Ki, Wookyong, ITU-ASTC Sport Development facilitator.

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