Technical Officials for Olympics

Technical Officials for Olympics

By World Triathlon Admin on 11/02/08 at 12:00 am

The International Triathlon Union confirmed the 43 technical officials that will handle the mens and womens triathlon competitions at this summers Beijing Olympic Games on August 18 and 19.  In all, 24 countries are represented amongst the officiating team, a substantial increase from the 14 countries at the Athens Olympics.

Its an extremely high honour to be selected as a technical official for the Olympics.  This group has worked incredibly hard at many ITU events and all deserve the honour of officiating triathlons third Olympic Games, said Leslie Buchanan, ITU Technical Director and Chief Race Official for Beijing.  Having such a diverse group of officials proves how much triathlon has grown around the world in the last four years.

The officials are listed in alphabetical order by surname and ONLY in alphabetical order by surname.  Assignments will be finalized at a later date.

Esteban Benitez (MEX)
Leslie Buchanan (CAN)
Marisol Casado (ESP)
Patricia Cebrian (MEX)
Morrie Chang (TPE)
Joyce Donaldson (USA)
Emmanuel Feillard (FRA)
Stuart Fuller (AUS)
Jorge Garcia (ESP)
Doug Hiller (USA)
David Hoong (SIN)
Lorand Kalotai (HUN)
Eugene Kraus (LUX)
Michael Machacka (SUI)
Kelly Mahoney (CAN)
Ramon Marchan (PHI)
David Markham (CAN)
Gergely Markus (HUN) co-Technical Delegate
Helmut Menger (GER)
Thanos Nikopoulos (GRE)
Oscar Petroboni (ITA)
Patty Petty (BER)
Enrique Quesada (ESP) co-Technical Delegate
Rachel Ribo (PHI)
Mario Rodriguez (GUA)
Suleiman Said (KEN)
Terry Sheldrake (NZL)
Balwant Singh Kler (MAS)
Liesbeth Stoltz (RSA)
Kiriyo Suzuki (JPN)
Gustavo Svane (ARG)
Bela Varga (HUN)
Bill Walker (AUS)
Plus 10 NTOs from China

The duties of the Technical Officials are to conduct the competition in accordance with the ITU Competition Rules.  They are assigned to Registration, Start, Finish, Transition Area(s), Swim, Cycle, Run, Wheel Stations, Aid Stations, Technology and Vehicle Control.  An adequate number of Technical Officials will be assigned to each area and will be responsible for the enforcement of ITU Competition Rules within their assigned jurisdiction.  All assignments will be announced at a later date.

Stay tuned for the launch of ITU’s Olympic site!


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