Teams line up for the mixed relay at the 2018 Asian Games

Teams line up for the mixed relay at the 2018 Asian Games

By Courtney Akrigg on 01/09/18 at 10:33 pm

(Palembang, Indonesia) - It’s been a stacked schedule of triathlon at the Asian Games, across the elite men’s and women’s individual races. Up next on the program is the mixed team relay event, comprising racing at its most thrilling, where the individual sport combines with pure team spirit.

The elite mixed relay format, also known as 4 x mixed relay, consists of teams of four, comprised of two men and two women. Racing is expected to be explosive!

Athletes must complete a super-sprint triathlon before tagging off to a teammate, always in the order female-male-female-male. Among the most exciting aspects of these races for spectators is the athletes’ dramatic sprint and dive after being tagged by their teammate, as well as the intensity and speed from start to finish, the tight back-and-forth lead changes and team pride that this innovative racing format elicits.

13 teams will compete across today’s relay race format, hosted at Lake Jakabaring, Palembang.

The Japanese triathlon team enter the mixed relay competition as firm favourites for the gold medal across the exciting race format. The team leading in includes Yuka Sato, Jumpei Furuya, Yuko Takahashi and Yuichi Hosoda.

South Korea, China and Hong Kong will be strong contenders in the mix of today’s race.

Team South Korea will be made up of Yun-Jung Jang, Ji Hwan Kim, Ye Jin Park and Min Ho Heo.

Representing China is Mengying Zhong, Mingxu Li, Yi Zhang and Chen Liu.

Under the guidance of renowned Australian triathlon coach, Stephen Moss, the Hong Kong team is strong and ready to contest. Representing Hong Kong is Balilee Brown, Leong Tim Law, Yan Yin Hilda Choi and Tsz To Wong.

Official results can be found online.
Athlete start lists can be found online.

Sunday, 2 September
07:30 Mixed Team Relay Start

Distances covered in the Mixed Team Relay by each member
Swim: 300m
Bike : 6.7km
Run: 1.95km (1st, 2nd and 3rd Athlete) | 1.78km (4th Athlete)

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Photo credit: Delly Carr | ITU Media