Shatnaya is back.

Shatnaya is back.

By ITU Admin on 28/07/06 at 12:00 am

Ekaterina Shatnaya after a long rest got a gold medal today in Burabay .

After 2 laps of swimming Shatnaya got in front pack,there was a group athletes from Korea which was behind her .
She did well in transition, got on the bike and was leading all 4 laps of cycling by her self .
and there was a korean athletes behind her on the bike course.
There was 4 laps of running and Shatnaya showed an amazing result and finally won a gold .
two other athletes were from Korea and got a two medals for Korea.

1.Shatnaya Ekaterina(KAZ)
2.Kim Hye Min(KOR)
3.Nam Na Eun(KOR)
4.Kim Bok Un(KOR)
5.Maltseva Tatyana(KAZ)
6.Saphonova Alla(UZB)
7.Konakova Ekaterina(UZB)
8.Chebotaeva Maryana(UZB)

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