PATCO Governance Training

PATCO Governance Training

By Fergus Murray on 13/10/10 at 11:58 pm

28 representatives from 14 countries of the Americas took part in a Governance Training Seminar conducted by David Styers of BoardSource, a Washington based agency that supports best practice and governance within NGOs and not-for-profit societies.
The Seminar took place Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the eve of the PATCO Congress and Pan-American Championships.

Establishing a “sustained culture of inquiry” within National Federations and Continental Confederations was a central theme of the seminar, as well as the key role of boards: set direction, ensure resources and provide oversight to staff and volunteers.

Following the formal presentation by David, Loreen Barnett, ITU Secretary General, Sheila O’Kelly, ITU World Cup Director and Gustavo Svane, ITU Sport Development Coordinator for the Americas presented the ITU Toolbox with a specific focus on the practical tools to implement the basics of a strong federation.

Feedback from the participants was very positive with everyone keen to implement some of the principles within their federation.
Special thanks go to Dr. Mario Rodrigues, Vice President of PATCO, Melissa Merson, PATCO Governance Committee, and the USA Triathlon Federation for providing the resources to make the seminar possible.