Olympic Update for all National Federations

Olympic Update for all National Federations

By World Triathlon Admin on 22/11/07 at 12:00 am

As the Beijing Olympic Games is nine months away, ITU would like to have close communication with the National Federations, athletes, coaches about the details of the Olympic Triathlon competition. A Beijing 2008 mini-site will be launched by the end of this year within triathlon.org, where all the necessary and interesting information will be available in relation to the Olympic Games.

The following important item came from BOCOG recently, please keep the outlined deadline below:

Radio frequency approval is needed for the teams to be able to bring walkie-talkie radios inside the Triathlon Venue during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Security personnel will not allow any device inside the venue without verification stickers on the radios. The verification stickers are given to the National Olympic Committees as the result of this application procedure.

National Federations are kindly informed that BOCOG is accepting radio frequency application for Beijing Olympic Games until December 31, 2007. If your federation has such request, please fill in the online application form at http://rf.beijing2008.cn. Application guidelines can also be found on the webpage.

The procedure has to go through your National Olympic Committee, as those organizations are entitled to be in contact with BOCOG on behalf of you.

Click here for the Radio Frequency application system on the BOCOG website


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