Norden looks back on Yokohama Victory in 2009

Norden looks back on Yokohama Victory in 2009

By Paula Kim on 17/09/11 at 10:09 am

It was one of the most captivating reactions to victory and unforgettable photos in recent memory – Lisa Norden’s look of unbridled joy as she approached the finish line to claim victory in Yokohama in 2009.

Fast forward two years and Norden is back at the site of one of her career’s first great victories.  Reflecting on the race and on the memorable photo, she can’t help but smile with pride.

“That was a pretty good feeling,” said Norden. “That was the year when I had a record amount of second places and I came into the race hoping to secure my place in the Grand Final at the Gold Coast.  To be able to have that last push after having lost so many sprints was such a good feeling.” 

Was the reaction instinctive?  “Oh yeah, I don’t remember it but looking at the photos afterwards, I really felt good about it.”

“It was one of those races where it was really hot and the coach told me to wait and wait, don’t push too hard.  I have a history of being a bit too excited, going out too hard, trying too much to stay in the front,” she recalled. “After having lost the sprints before I decided to go early, so I went just before the last corner before the finish chute so the other girls didn’t quite know that I was already winding up to sprint and held through.”

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