New appointments at the ITU

By World Triathlon Admin | 14 Mar, 2005

On behalf of the ITU Executive Board and Regional Representatives we would like
to thank all those talented people who put their application in for one of the
ITU Leadership positions that were advertised on in late December.
We recognised that many people were away from their computers over the festive
season, so we honoured applications until 15 December. We had 68 applications
for the 12 positions, and without exception all were well qualified and experienced.
The Selection Commission recommended the following appointments, which the ITU
Executive Board and Regional Representatives approved:

Administration   and Finance:

  • Loreen Barnett, ITU Executive Director: Loreen has been    acting in this position since the founding of ITU and has demonstrated the    skills and ability to build and lead the team.
  • Leslie Buchanan, ITU Technical Director: Leslie has competently carried    out the requirements of this position and will now assume further duties in    the area of managing matters related to Doping Control, in collaboration with    the ITU Medical Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
  • Adrienne Proseilo, ITU Financial Manager: Adrienne was the most experienced    and knowledgeable applicant for the position. She has co-owned 2 successful    businesses and has the knowledge of our sport to fulfill this position

ITU Events:

  • Sheila O’Kelly, Head of ITU Events : Sheila has been the    “de facto” head of ITU Events since 2001 when she produced the most    successful world championships that we have ever had. She continued to show    leadership with the ITU World Cup and World Championships on a voluntary basis    for the past 4 years. We are very honoured that Sheila has accepted this position    with ITU.
  • Ed Rice will take on the task of heading up ITU Media and    Television division. During the past 3 years Ed has managed the evolution    of ITU’s website, into the world’s largest and best multi-sport    online resource, including the live event coverage from World Cup and World    Championship events. He has also managed the distribution side of ITU’s television    show and was key to establishing ITU online video channel, .   
  • Brian Mahony will join Ed on the ITU Media and Television    team by taking on the role of Head of ITU of Online Services. Brian has spear-headed    the re-construction of the new, which which you are now    using and also led to the evolution of the online live event coverage.
  • Pat Bell will continue as the Lead Camera Operator of ITU    Television, and will also take on the full responsibilities as Director of    Onsite Television both for the ITU Host Broadcast crew and when events have    their own Host Broadcaster. Pat will also be involved in the early stages    of post-production.
  • Barrie Shepley will become the onsite television producer    and colour commentator. Barrie has been part of the post-production team for    the past 3 years and will take on added responsibilities with field production.    He will also work with others, such as Jackie Fairweather and members of the    ITU Coaching Commission to provide the live online event coverage and specialty    videos such as coaching and training segments for


Sport Development:

  • Gergely Markus will head up the new Sport Development division    of ITU. Gergely is also the current Secretary General of the European Triathlon    Union and was the Competition Manager, Athens Olympic Games Triathlon. Gergely    brings a wealth of sport leadership talent and experience with him from managing    community multi-sport clubs to elite performance athlete. The current World    Cup Champion, Dimitri Gaag, trains and races out of the TVK Club in Tiszaujvaros,    Hungary, which was founded by Gergely and his father Gabor. The European Triathlon    Union and ITU will combine resources to establish an administration office    in Europe. Gergely will have 3 Sport Development Officers on his team:
  • Enrique Quesada , who will primarily manage Sport Development    in Latin America, in collaboration with Antonio Alvarez, President of the    PanAmerican Triathlon Confederation (PATCO) and Carlos Froes, ITU Regional    Representative for the Americas. Enrique will also team up with other coaches    and Sport Development officers with a focus on eastern Europe and Africa.    He will also continue as the ITU Ranking Manager responsible for the ITU World    Ranking as well as the 5 Regional Rankings.
  • Kristine Chambers is putting her PhD in kinesiology and    coaching science on hold and will take on the challenge of Sport Development,    with a primary focus on the English-speaking countries of the Americas and    Africa, as well as being the Sport Development liaison to the ITU Coaches    Commission. Kristine has been the Director of Youth Development for Triathlon    Canada and was instrumental in the production of the “ITU Kid’s Training    Video.”
  • Brett Mace of Australia will take on the Sport Development    challenges in Asia and Oceania. Brett will take a leave from his position    as the head of the Triathlon Academy that he and Rami Ramachandran, President    of the Indian Triathlon Federation have established at Chennai. Brett’s strong    coaching background within the Australian high-performance area as well as    his work to establish both grassroots and elite programmes in India will be    a great asset to
       The Sport Development Team will work in close collaboration with the ITU Executive    Board, and particularly the 5 ITU Regional Representatives to achieve the    Sport Development goals and objectives outlined in the ITU Strategic Plan.


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