Mongolian Triathlon Union announces new composition

Mongolian Triathlon Union announces new composition

By Paula Kim on 13/10/11 at 8:20 pm

The Mongolian Triathlon Union (MTrU) held its biennial congress on October 8th in Ulaanbaatar. The agenda comprised the report presentations from the secretariat, event planning for 2012 as well as the election of president, vice presidents and board members.

In his remarks to the congress delegates, re-elected MTrU President Ts.Sandui said, “Since its creation in 2004, the MTrU has joined ITU and ASTC and our athletes regularly competed at the World and Asian Championships / Events organized by the two organizations. As a result, number of triathletes in the country has grown, consistently.

Now, it is time to aim at the higher level of development. Only those triathletes with adequate financial support and improved training facility are well suited to compete at the regional level” he said.

The congress also unanimously appointed T.Nasankhuu as First Vice President, D.Dashdavaa, T.Chuluunkhuu, G.Dorjpalam, D.Batjargal, D.Jargalsaikhan, O.Nooj as Vice Presidents and named B.Bayarkhuu as new Chairman of the Audit Committee. B.Tsagaanbaatar was re-appointed as MTrU Secretary General.

In addition to swearing in its newest executives, the Board welcomed 18 new members including: S.Bayartsogt, Member of the Parliament and Minister of Finance, N.Naranbat, Country Representative of Intel Co., D.Dashzeveg, Vice Chairman of the National Security Council’s Secretariat, and B.Tsogtbaatar, PhD Candidate of Simon Fraser University.