Live video footage from Holten

Live video footage from Holten

By World Triathlon Admin on 08/07/06 at 12:00 am

This weekend there will be several live streams on the Holten ITU European Premium Cup website. There will be one live stream covering the race.

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An exciting competition can be expected on and around the Holterberg on Saturday, at the 22nd edition of the Triathlon Holten. Like previous years, strong competitiors, men and women, will start with the swim that will take place in the Schipbeek, near the Televisiontower of Markelo.
With no outspoken favourite among the men, a lot of contestants are in the running for the highest platform. Candidates for this platform are, amongst others, Andriy Glushenko from Ukraine, the American Doug Friman, the British contestant Andrew Fargus and Ramon Ejeda from Spain.
Ramon Ejeda, for the First time accompanied by 3 fellow countryman, was at one time 10th at the World Championship under 23 en he hopes to show that he can also compete with the best in this strong race.
Without any doubt, he will run across the experienced Andriy Glushenko . Last year, the athlete from Ukraine finished 6th and he even became 3th in 2003. Also Doug Friman, with a good record this year in the ITU world cup races and Andrew Fargus, last week 2nd in the European Cup triathlon of Echternach (Lux), are sure candidates for the platform.
Because there is no real top-favourite, many athletes will impute themselves chances for the highest platform. It promises a good race! Hopefully, also Dutch competitors will be able to race for the platform. Good-old Dennis Looze and the new Dutch champion Bas Diederen will certainly be able to play a significant part in the competition. Raymond Lotz and Sander Berk, the last always a good athlete in Holten, are both good outsiders. They want, as well as the local favourite Rob Steegink, to show their best at one of the most important triathlons of The Netherlands.
Further regional input comes from Guido Gosselink, already twice a winner in Holten, and Jasper Reenalda, Bas ten Harkel and Bas van der Zwan, all from Enschede. In total, more than 65 men will start at the Elite race at 12.50.

With the women, Evelyn Williamson is one of the most important contestants for the platform. The athlete from New-Zealand already was 3rd and 6th in previous years and she wants more. She will meet Wieke Hoogzaad again, who, in the past, was a winner on the Holterberg more than once. After a year of absence, due to a pregnancy, she will compete for the first time in an international triathlon. Lenka Radova has already had many top-ten rankings at world cup races and this year, for sure, she will try to go for the platform. A triathlete that will surely try this as well, is the 23-years old Birgit Berk. To weeks ago, the Limburgse became Dutch champion for the first time when she beat Jenette Tolhoek-van Dalen and Danne Boterenbrood. They will also, together with 22 other competitors, start at 12.30 on Satuday afternoon for the 22nd International Triathlon Holten.

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