Less than 40 days left till Ishigaki

Less than 40 days left till Ishigaki

By ITU Admin on 09/03/06 at 12:00 am

Ishigaki “Triathlon” mayor, Dr. Hohama, was reelected on March 5th.  Congratulations!  He will welcome all ITU Athletes again this year in Ishigaki.

1,151 Age Group athletes will compete this year in Ishigaki, the biggest number of participants since its start 19 years ago.

Volunteers from various parts of Japan will get together in Ishigaki for the coming triathlon event.

An astronomical observatory, equipped with a high-tech scope, was opened March 10Th on a hill in Ishigaki.  84 out of 88 constellations may be viewed from it.

Wish for luck in the star-studded night sky of Ishigaki!

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