ITU Technical Education Level 2 Seminar in Asia

ITU Technical Education Level 2 Seminar in Asia

By Peter Holmes on 17/11/09 at 5:10 pm

After a successful course in Madrid, Spain the ITU Events Department moved the epicentre of the ITU Technical Education Programme to Subic Bay, Philippines. The ITU Technical Education Level 2 Seminar was hosted and well organised by Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP) and was held alongside the 2009 Subic Bay ASTC Duathlon Asian Championships.

Twenty-four participants from ten countries (China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Taiwan and Chinese Taipei) attended the course which was led by Thanos Nikopoulos from ITU Technical Operations. Two International Technical Officials (ITO), Rachel Ribo from Philippines and Qin Jianqiu from China, supported the seminar as part of the ITU Facilitators’ Training Programme.

The syllabus of the seminar followed the requirements of the venue and technical operations from the technical officials’ and the event organiser’s point of view. After the two day theoretical training all participants took part in the ASTC Duathlon Asian Championships, assigned as a technical official for the event. During the workshop they had to check all aspects of their assigned area with the LOC and had to work closely with the Technical Delegate. As the result of the workshop the course and the schedule of the event were changed in order to achieve a safe and fair event.

Secretary General for Asian Triathlon Confederation, Datuk Balwant Singh Kler, also attended, commenting: “It is very important to have ITU Technical Education Programme in Asia because in the beginning there were only six National Federations and now we have 20. The new Federations need some education in technical rules, therefore it is important to hold such courses in at least five centres, such as the Middles East,  South Asia, South East Asia, Far East Asia and Central Asia regions.”

The next stop of the ITU Technical Officials Educational Programme will be in Punta del Este, Uruguay at the beginning of December.