ITU Level 2 Competitive Coaching Course - Searching for Coaching excellence in Europe

ITU Level 2 Competitive Coaching Course - Searching for Coaching excellence in Europe

By Libby Burrell on 07/10/11 at 6:00 am

The European Triathlon Union (ETU) and the International Triathlon Union hosted a Level 2 Competitive Coaching Course in Pula, Croatia from 29th September to 3rd October 2011. The course took place in Pula, Croatia just 100m from the Lungomare on the Adriatic coast.

19 coaches from 9 Europeans NFs gathered in Pula to learn from world class coaches and ITU certified facilitators namely Luc Morin, Bobby McGee, Sergio Santos and Antonio Miguel Jourdan.

The 5-day course provided a good mix of the theory, practical and applied knowledge related to the art and science of triathlon and coaching. The coaches are stretched to explore new and current trends in coaching and incorporate these into their planning and coaching.

According to Zeljko Bijuk, ETU Development Coordinator, the course really hit the target offering coaches a learning opportunity in order to improve their skills and knowledge through the course by exposing them to world class coach facilitators.

Sport development is all about educating people, in this case coaches, who then go back and work hard in their federations to develop high level programmes and athletes.  This can be clearly seen in our recent ITU and ETU events where coaches who have in the past attended ITU/ETU courses and camps are now producing athletes competitive for the top positions.

Development is a journey where the final destination is never reached according to Libby Burrell, ITU Development Director.  The tireless efforts of the Continental Coordinators such as Zeljko Bijuk (ETU Development Coordinator) cannot go unnoticed.  The same can be said of the excellent group of world class coaches who dedicate their time to helping other coaches grow and develop their skills.  We have so much work still to do but the effort and commitment of the regions to the process of development is making positive change globally. 

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