ITU Level 1 Technical Officials Seminar in burabay

ITU Level 1 Technical Officials Seminar in burabay

By ASTC on 29/06/11 at 6:35 am

ITU and ASTC placed a big step to enhance Technical Officials’ knowledge and skills for NFs in Central Asia.

32 Technical Officials candidates from 4 countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Syria) took 1 day course consisted of class room work and practical work. Most of them are active NTOs having diverse experience as Technical Officials in events. “I am so happy to have this course before Burabay Asian Cup.

" I am sure it provided great opportunities for our Technical Officials to learn more about recent changes in triathlon rules and adopt skills to apply rules during practical session.” Said Yuriy Solovyev, the President of Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation.

There were so many practical questions from their experience. This makes the course interactive and interesting. “I never expected to have such a cooperative and interactive atmosphere before I came here. I am really satisfied with their level of attentions.” said Omar A Bakar ( ITU facilitator).

Next Level 1 Technical Officials’ Seminar will be held on September 15th in I-Lan, Chinese Taipei.

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