ITU High Performance Forum

ITU High Performance Forum

By ITU Admin on 20/08/05 at 12:00 am

Announcing the first annual ITU High Performance Forum: To be held on Mon 12th September, 2005 at the Quality Inn, Gamagori Japan, from 9am – until 1pm

Who: Representatives from the following groups: ITU Executive Board, athletes, coaches, high performance managers, ITU Event Producers, ITU Technical Officials, ITU Media.

Purpose: To discuss and give constructive feedback on aspects of ITU High performance.  In particular, the ITU World Cup Series and major championship events.

Agenda will include the following topics (full agenda given at the start of the Forum):

1. Uniforms:
a) sponsor size and positions for 2006 onward
b) ITU logo
c) Front zipper

2. Transition - chaos, particular T2 and racking with brake levers

3. Building the “triathlon” brand

4. Primes

5. Race formats and courses

6. Prizemoney and overall series prize pool

7. other athlete and coach issues

Jackie Fairweather, ITU Executive Board will chair the meeting.  Please contact Jackie with your interest in attending and with any questions/comments: