ITU Gives Coaching Endorsement

By World Triathlon Admin | 13 Feb, 2008

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) today took a big step in establishing a universal level of coaching education worldwide.  For the first time ever ITU has accredited the Coach Education programmes of two national federations.  Triathlon Australia (TA) and the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) proved to have exceptional national coaching education programmes and became the first to meet ITUs standards to receive the top-level endorsement. 

According to Libby Burrell, ITU Sport Development Director, the submissions by both Triathlon Australia and British Triathlon Federation, were of an exceptional standard and these national federations can certainly be regarded among the leaders in triathlon coach education world wide. ITU is proud to endorse all the existing levels of certification offered by these two federations and with confidence will recommend these excellent programmes to coaches around the globe.

Approving programmes that meet all the educational and coaching objectives set out by ITU helps prospective coaches select coaching courses they want to attend if their own federation does not have a proper programme in place.  This ensures all athletes in these areas are receiving the most up-to-date and proven training techniques and education.

“As an ITU Scholarship student I feel very lucky to have chosen the British Triathlon Coaching Qualification Courses which now have ITU endorsement, said Dermot Galea from the Malta Triathlon Association.  This shows clearly that the Malta Triathlon Association made the right choice in choosing these courses for me to be better prepared for our athletes as a National Coach. From both courses [Level 1 & Level 2] I have learned a lot both from the lecturers and also from the other coaches.”

Sarah Springman, BTF President and herself a BTF-qualified coach, was delighted by the accolades and paid tribute to Development Director, Mark Barfield and Coaching Manager, Paul Moss, who was mentored by former CEO Norman Brook in creating the structure and content, “Since all three are themselves high level coaches, they brought their practical experience together with the theory and produced very high quality coaching materials that we are delighted to share. I hope that countries, in addition to Malta, might be interested in sending their coaches to participate in our courses. Naturally such cross fertilisation is extremely helpful for our MultiSports as a whole.”

Paul Moss, Coach Education Manager, British Triathlon Federation added:
This endorsement adds international credibility to the programme, and complements the UK Coaching Certificate endorsement, which is recognised UK-wide.

At the start of 2007, ITU introduced the National Federation Accreditation Programme, whereby federations could apply to have their national coaching education programmes endorsed by ITU. 

ITU Coaching Education Manager Alan Ley knows the importance of certifying coaching programmes and was heavily involved in the evaluation process of both federations

Coaches are the critical element to high levels of performance and the development of the sport worldwide.  The British Triathlon Federation and Triathlon Australia have demonstrated high standards of excellence and their programs will benefit the coaches and athletes from the grassroots to the high performance level, said Ley.

Triathlon Australia has been working closely with ITU to meet (and in most cases exceed) the minimum standards required to be an accredited coach education program, said Craig Redman, National Development Coach.  To be one of the first federations with an ITU Accredited Coach Education Program gives our coaching system and qualified coaches an increased international standing. It also enhances Australias reputation of producing top quality triathlon coaches who can assist athletes at all levels.

For more information on ITU Sport Development Programmes for coaches please click here.

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