India dominates the South Asian Games

India dominates the South Asian Games

By ASTC on 13/02/16 at 8:16 am

Today morning triathlon made its successful debut in the Guwahati South Asian Games. With home crowd’s cheering, India athletes dominated men and women individual races. The performance gap between India and other countries was very big.

“Even though participation is small, we placed a historic stepping stone for our sport development in our region.” Said Rakesh Gupta, honorary secretary general of Indian Triathlon Federation.

Individual Female: Sprint Distance


Name Country Total Time
1 Pallavi Retiwala India 01:11:57
2 Pooja Chaurushi India 01:12:36
3  Roja K. C. Nepal 01:16:00
4 Gayani Dasanayaika Sri Lanka 01:16:14
5 Yam Kumari Ghalu  Nepal 01:20:29
6 Dinusha Desilva Sri Lanka 01:24:13

Individual Male: Standard Distance

Rank Name Country Total Time
1 Dilip Kumar India 02:02:53
2 Guru Datt India 02:05:31
3 Nuwan Kumara Sri Lanka 02:10:38
4 Lakruwan Sri Lanka 02:12:29
5 Rudra Katwal Nepal 02:23:40
6 Tika Ram Thapa Nepal 02:30:33

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