Gotenborg Seminar Draws Record Number

By World Triathlon Admin | 27 Oct, 2005

The Event Organisers and Technical Officials Certification Seminar scheduled to take place in Götenborg, Sweden, 18 to 20 November has attracted almost 100 registrants making it the largest gathering ever of Triathlon Event Organisers and Technical Officials.

The Seminar will introduce participants to the various standards and requirement for staging ITU events including course design and venue operations, competition schedules and athlete services, medical and doping control, and the partnership between technical officials and event organizers.

In all, 30 countries will be represented at the seminar including: Ireland, Greece, Great Britain, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, Qatar, Jordan, Bulgaria, South Africa, Israel, France, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Luxembourg, China, Canada and Spain.  As well, the leadership of both the European Triathlon Union and the African Triathlon Union will also be involved in the 3-day seminar.

A second event organizers and technical officials seminar planned for Cancun has been postponed until the resort recovers from the effects of Hurricane Wilma, while a third seminar is being planned for Oceania and Asia in March 2006.

The new format for certifying ITU Event Organiser and Technical Officials has been made possible thanks to a grant from the IOC Sport Department and ITU Sport Development funds, as well as the national federations of each of the participants.

For more information about the ITU Event Organisers and Technical Officials Certification Programme please contact:

Gergely Markus, ITU Sport Development at email:
Loreen Barnett, ITU Executive Director at email: