Fast Five with Canada’s Kirsten Sweetland

Fast Five with Canada’s Kirsten Sweetland

By Erin Greene on 24/07/13 at 8:08 pm

Not many people would describe 22% climbs as “so fun” but then again, not many people are Kirsten Sweetland. After a second-place finish at the U23 World Championship race in 2010, Sweetland’s career looked ready for take off. But a tough 2011 season temporary sidelined those plans until recently when she made her way back to the podium with a third-place finish at the Edmonton World Cup. She followed that performance up with a sixth-place finish on the tough Kitzbuehel course. ITU recently caught up with the Canadian to ask her this week’s Fast Five questions. 

How did you get involved in triathlon?
“I did a variety of sports, but I was in synchronized swimming. Through synchro we did swim club and through swim club we did a triathlon. I grew up in a small town and we hosted a triathlon. I did my first one when I was like six and just got hooked.”

What is your favourite ITU race?
“Now it’s Kitzbuehel. It’s always sorta been Kitzbuehel and Mooloolaba, but now it’s definitely Kitzbuehel. Not because of the result (this year) but because it was so fun. I just like long hills.”

Favourite training destination
Home, Victoria
Favourite vacation destination
Favourite post-training snack
Sweets, anything sweet
Favourite coffee
Australian cappuccinos
Training playlist
Everything. Indie.

What is your favourite training activity?
“I really like build runs, progressively getting faster through an hour or an hour and a half.”

What is your least favourite training activity?
“I’m working on all that stuff. It used to be pulling but I’m getting at pulling in the pool. I have to think of a better answer. Gym. I don’t like gym, but it’s hard to pick. I like all of it.”

What advice would you give an age group athlete?
“I think the biggest thing for any athlete, age group included, is just to enjoy what you’re doing. I think as long as you’re having fun and really doing what you want to be doing, that’s the way you’re going to be your best.”