Triathlon development at ITU coaches course in Manizales

Triathlon development at ITU coaches course in Manizales

By Courtney Akrigg on 11/10/19 at 10:47 am

With funding from from the development and assistance budget approved by the Olympic Solidary Commission, the International Triathlon Union held a Level 2 Coaches Course in Manizales, Colombia. The course was held from 25-29 September for 18 Colombian coaches, under the guidance of World Triathlon Facilitators Claudia Beristain (Mexico), Rodrigo Milazzo (Brazil) and Vicent Beltran (Spain).

The course was held in Manizales, Colombia and it was a level 2 coaching course. The course was aimed to develop, implement, monitor and review a series of sessions and coaching programmes for triathlon club level, juniors and U23 triathletes.

Spain’s Vicent Beltran recap on the course experience and how much he values development in World Triathlon.

What did you take away from the course?
Colombia has many talented coaches that if they are given the right opportunities and support, great things will happen there in the near future.

What do you think is the most important lesson, that athletes, developing countries, learnt when starting out in the sport?
The key is to identify the weaknesses and implement strategies for short and long term. All the National Federations (NF) around the world struggle, some in finances, some finding athletes but the key for the emerging federation is to set objective, achievable and realistic goals and use the Human Resources (coaches they have available) to work for common development of the sport.

How much do you think development athletes influence and build the triathlon landscape in their own country?
Having a role model is always a bonus for a federation. Nowadays with social media this information can easily reach the younger generations and therefore, it is a powerful resource that NF have to use. They definitely have to support their best athletes and capitalise this investment by encouraging other athletes to come on board.

What have your professional career goals, in the sport, been for this year?

My main focus have been developing the new athletes education program and golden standard documents for NF. I have also been involved in all the translation process of the coaching courses into Spanish while delivering courses and camps with ETU, ITU and ASTC. I have been so privileged to also going the ASICS World Triathlon team in Karlovy Vary WC for the first time. On the other hand, I continue coaching athletes from all over the globe helping them to be the best version the can be.

How much do you think the development pathways and opportunities, have progressed through various World Triathlon initiatives in recent times?
I can see a huge progress. We are now running courses in countries where we have never been before. The ITU is investing huge amount in courses, camps and also with the support of Olympic Solidarity, many opportunities are available for the emerging federations.

What is an area of development that we are working to build and improve?
We are building programs for educating coaches, athletes and NF. We do believe in education as the main pillar of development.

Favourite piece of advice/motto/quote?
Richard Branson - ‘If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later.