Burabay and Ulaanbaatar host ASTC – ITU Development Continental Camp

Burabay and Ulaanbaatar host ASTC – ITU Development Continental Camp

By Erin Greene on 04/09/15 at 10:39 pm

Since 2012, the ASTC has been visiting developing countries with the goal of holding a sport development camp for three days that spreads talent identification concepts and value to the countries.

The camp is the first foot step for sport development projects in Asia. Through the camp, ITU facilitators not only share coaching experience and knowledge with participating local coaches, but also test athletes performances. The camp teaches coaches how to analyze athlete performance in order to adjust their training sessions depending on the results of the training tests. If talented athletes are identified, they are selected to be monitored on a weekly basis in combination with mentorships for coaches training the athletes. 

“I applaud ASTC’s use of ITU’s assistance to grow triathlon in Asian countries,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “This is a fantastic example of how ITU can work together with continental confederations to provide valuable growth opportunities to National Federations. As we look ahead to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, we have put a major focus on strengthening our National Federations, coaches and athletes in Asia.”

This year, two federations in central Asia took the opportunity to enhance the development of triathlon in their country. Two coaches and 15 athletes from Kazakhstan along with four coaches and 10 athletes from Mongolia joined the development camp. Both countries selected young, budding athletes, with participants ranging in age from 13 - 19 years old.

Kaz camp

“Our coaches and athletes enjoyed the camp and they gave positive feedback. I really like the concept of talent identification. I hope some of our female athletes will be selected as the Team ASTC members in the near future, and for our coaches to learn more under the guidance and advice of the ITU facilitator. We are looking forward to this opportunity,” said Yuriy Solovyev, the President of Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation.

“Mongolian Triathlon Union has been working hard to improve our athletes’ performances by hosting National Championship races and sending athletes to various events and sport development activities. I am certain that this camp inspired our young athletes to aspire to perform on the international level. We really appreciate supports from ITU and ASTC to develop our sport in my country,” said Byambaa Tsagaanbaatar, the Secretary General of Mongolian Triathlon Union.

Mongolian Camp

“It was my great pleasure to conduct camps in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Throughout this camps I felt the eagerness to learn participating athletes and coaches. We conducted tests to see athletes’ potentialities. I believe some of them are talented. I will work close with their coach to make sure they will be able to reach their full potentialities through monitoring their training and their performance growth. To do this, we will communicate on the regular base,” said Franz Studer, ITU expert from South Africa.

“I personally believe that the combination of respective National Federation’s efforts with support from the International Federation will speed up the development of our sport in the emerging countries. Through this camp, we shared our vision with related federations and exchanged ideas on the direction of our sport development in our continent,” said Ki, Woo-kyong, ITU Asia Sport Development coordinator.

The next development project in Asia is the 2015 Weihai ITU Level 2 Technical Officials Seminar in China from 9 - 10 September.