BG Triathlon World Junior Camp.

BG Triathlon World Junior Camp.

By ITU Admin on 21/08/06 at 12:00 am

Today saw the start of the second week of the BG Triathlon World Junior Camp in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.

The 31 athletes from 14 countries from around the world have been put through their paces by the head coaching staff Claude Meyer (France), Bobby McGee (USA), Dr. Carol Austin (RSA); Antonio Rivas (Spain) and a group of national level coaches from more than 6 different countries.

Brad Beven, the well known triathlete from Australia has played an incredible role in the overall camp by sharing his many years of experience as an elite athlete with both the coaches and the young athletes.

Libby Burrell, ITU Sport Development Director has been impressed by both the quality of the coaches as well as the commitment and resolve of the young athletes attending the camp. “The young athletes converged on Tiszaujvaros as strangers and now they are a well oiled and supportive group of friends all driven by the goal of one day representing their country at the Olympic Games. While many of the athletes do not speak the same language, they have found a way to communicate with each other and live, train and encourage each other through the rigours of the daily triathlon workout schedule. The team work and camaraderie displayed by the young boys and girls is amazing and I know that each of us as coaches have become richer for this great experience. The sponsorship from the BG-Group has afforded us the opportunity of being able to organize camps such as this and it is obvious by the response from the coaches and the athletes alike that this is a very important part of the ITU Sport Development Programme and something that must develop and grow in all of the triathlon regions around the world.”

Most days start with an early morning swim and after breakfast they head out on either a run or a bike ride. While much of the camp is spent preparing the athletes for the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne the week-end of September 2, 2006, the coaches are spending a large part of each day teaching and refining skills, techniques and good training and personal habits to assist these young boys and girls in their long term objective of being a world class athlete.

The camp continues through Sunday August 27, 2006 after which the athletes will make their way down to Lausanne for the ITU World Triathlon Championships.

Libby Burrell, ITU Sport Development Director posing with athletes from Mongolia

Brad Bevan, the man who has won the most World Cup events in the history of   the sport takes on a coaching role.

Athlete work on hill climbing techniques.

Camp Coaches.

Dr. Carol Austin of South Africa presenting to athletes before a training bike   ride.

Bobby McGee works on running technique


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