BG-ITU World Junior Camp: Hungary ‘06

BG-ITU World Junior Camp: Hungary ‘06

By ITU Admin on 19/07/06 at 12:00 am

Only one month to go before the inaugural BG-ITU World Junior Triathlon Camp.  Based in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary, the camp will offer a unique experience for Junior (16-19 yrs) athletes and coaches from developing countries prior to the World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Athletes and coaches will experience an exciting variety of learning and training experiences from August 17 to 25 before joining their National Teams in Lausanne.

Supported by BG Group, ITU, and the Hungarian Federation, the camp features an impressive list of staff who will work with both athletes and coaches in sport specific areas, long term planning, tapering, peaking, psychological preparation, and much more.

Camp Staff
-Claude Meyer (FRANCE): Head Coach
-Libby Burrell (ITU): Coach and Coordinator
-Antonio Rivas (SPAIN), Swim Specialist
-Carol Austin (RSA), Cycling Specialist
-Bobby Mc Gee (RSA), Run Specialist
-Brad Beven (AUS), Multiple World Cup champion
-Emma Carney (AUS), (photo above) 2 time World Triathlon Champion, 3 time World Cup Champion and 3 Time World Number 1 Triathlete, and 21 World Cup Wins (ITU Record Male & Female)

These camps will be hosted annually for top Junior athletes and coaches from around the globe as part of the ITU Sport Development plan.  Check the website at for information on other exciting camps, clinics, and coaching opportunities.