Asian Junior Camp in Singapore

Asian Junior Camp in Singapore

By World Triathlon Admin on 03/09/08 at 12:00 am

ITU proudly announces that the BG-ITU Asian Junior Camp (9th -16th November 2008) will be held at the Singapore Sport School in Singapore.  A fitting location for the camp as Singapore will host the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010.  A group of 25 athletes and coaches from emerging and developing national federations in Asia will be selected to participate under the guidance of top level international coaches including Mr. Chris Jones, former Olympic Coach for Great Britain; Mr. Craig Redman, National Development Coach for Australia; and Mr. Jamie Turner, Australian Development Coach and Olympic Triathlon Coach for Chile.  The Camp will be managed by Libby Burrell, Director of ITU Sport Development and former Olympic Coach for South Africa and United States of America.

National Federations are invited to recommend a maximum of 2 athletes (16 years to 19 years of age for the 2009 season) and one coach to attend this camp.

All nominated athletes must meet the following minimum standards in order to be selected for the camp:
• Achieved the following or better time in a 3000m run time trial held on a 400m track within
3 months of the camp: Girls – 11:18; Boys – 9:54.
• Achieved the following or better time in a 400m swim in a 25m or a 50m pool: Girls – 5:25;
Boys – 5:00.
• Competed at the most recent Continental Championship event (Junior) and finished within
8% of winners’ time for boys and 10% of winners time for girls.

Any athlete nominated by a national federation who does not meet the above time standards will only be considered for the camp if a strong motivation accompanies the nomination. All final selections will be made by ITU Sport Development in consultation with the ASTC.

ITU will provide accommodation, meals, coaching, local transport to and from Singapore International Airport, as well as course materials and handouts. All travel to and from Singapore must be paid by the National Federations and/or Continental Confederation.

Dates: 9 – 16 November 2008
Venue: Sport School, SINGAPORE
ITU Camp Director: Ms. Libby Burrell (Director, ITU Sport Development)
Local Directors: Mr. Leon Chan, SINGAPORE
Mr. Eugne Lee, SINGAPORE
Head Coaches: Mr. Chris Jones, GREAT BRITAIN
Mr. Craig Redman, AUSTRALIA
Mr. Jamie Turner, AUSTRALIA
Accommodation: Singapore Sport School, SINGAPORE

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