Anti-Doping Update March 14, 2013

Anti-Doping Update March 14, 2013

By Erin Greene on 14/03/13 at 3:13 am

ADAMS recently announced the release of Version 3.3 in early April, which will include the following enhancements:

Improved Whereabouts Submission Process & Update Notification

IMPORTANT: This enhancement has an impact on the athletes’ Whereabouts Submission Process. Please convey this information to all of your athletes as soon as possible.
• The Current Whereabouts Submission and Update Notification functions have been redesigned.
• We have made significant improvements to the Whereabouts Submission Process in preparation for the ADAMS Whereabouts mobile application that will be introduced later this year.
• Following initial submission, all Calendar Updates become effective immediately, without requiring resubmission.
• Any updates made to the Whereabouts Calendar post-submission are now accessible via a new “History” tab. Each entry displays details associated with the update made (i.e. user name, date and time, previous value).

Whereabouts Update Submission Reminder
• A Whereabouts Submission reminder appears when users navigate away from a Whereabouts quarter that includes an error or has not been submitted.

Whereabouts Travel Entries - Process Streamlining
• The Whereabouts travel entries process has been simplified.
• Users no longer must select between daytime and overnight travel entry type since, for RTP athletes, exemptions will be automatically determined by ADAMS based on the entry start and end times.

Whereabouts - Team Athlete Selection

• Team Athlete Selection is more intuitive.
• In addition to the search field, a complete list of athletes will be displayed, allowing users to select one or more elements.

Athlete Information on Whereabouts Page

• Information contained in the athlete banner, (i.e. ADAMS ID #, gender, date of birth, sport nationality and sport(s)/discipline(s)), has been added to the Whereabouts interface for convenient reference.

Display Telephone Number(s) on Entry

• Phone numbers in address entries are now displayed in the New/View/Edit Whereabouts entry dialog.

Whereabouts - Additional Information Field
• To provide information specific to a Whereabouts entry, users can edit the “Additional Information” field under Address entries.

Whereabouts Multiple Days Clearing
• This new option allows the user to clear all Whereabouts entries from one or more dates in the current quarter.

SMS - Display SMS Activation Status in View Mode
• SMS Activation Status is displayed under ‘view’ mode of the athlete profile.

SMS - Activities

• SMS Status Change generates an activity on the athlete profile Activity tab.

ABP, Temporal View
• The biological passport page now includes a temporal view (date-based horizontal axis).

Updated User Documentation
• Complete documentation of these changes will be available on release of Version 3.3.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the coordination of anti-doping activities via ADAMS. For any questions or concerns regarding the release of ADAMS Version 3.3, please contact us at