Adventures in Argentina

Adventures in Argentina

By ITU Admin on 09/11/05 at 12:00 am

Inaugural Level 2 PATCO Coaching Course

By Kristine Chambers, ITU Sport Development November 1 - 8, 2005

Coaches and representatives from 27 countries in the Pan Americas congregated in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the first PATCO Level 2 coaching course.

It was a resounding success. Many thanks to Olympic Solidarity (PASO), PATCO, ITU for their support.

A huge applause for the Argentinean Triathlon Federation, especially Enrique Bollana for organizing the programme.

Guest instructor Antonio Rivas (Spain) treated coaches to stimulating presentations on technical elements, competitive analysis, and planning in Triathlon.

Other talented presenters from Argentina gave talks on sport psychology, marketing, sport administration, nutrition, and medical issues in sport.

ITU presentations included sport development and ethics.

Coaches also attended the first Triathlon in the Argentinean circuit to interview athletes, coaches, and perform competitive analyses on their races.

Accommodation was at a sport club, five minutes away from Rio de la Plata (silver river) and some
  excellent running trails.

Memories were made that will last lifetimes.

The week was punctuated with new friendships, mutual respect, and much “risas”! (laughter).

There was a wonderful camaraderie and sharing of expertise, stories, and wisdom between all coaches

Congratulations to all the coaches who finished the course.

Buenos suarte (good luck) for the future. You are doing vital and excellent work!

PARTING THOUGHTS: “Teach our children the spirit of sport, the power of passion, and the courage to chase dreams. Through sport, if children learn to accept themselves and others unconditionally.  If they are permitted to think freely.  If they learn compassion and love for all people then the world will be a more peaceful place for us all”

Enseniemos a nuestros hijos el espiritu deportivo , el poder de la pasion, y el coraje para perseguir los suenios. A traves del deporte, si los ninos aprenden a aceptarse a si mismos y a los demas incondicionalmente, si logran pensar libremente, si aprenden la compasion y el amor por todos , el mundo sera mas pacifico para todos.

You can achieve anything with confidence, commitment and passion. Embrace challenge. It is a powerful and necessary element of change. But in order to face challenge, you MUST believe in yourself. (closing address, KC, ITU)

Con confianza, compromiso y pasion, pueden lograr todo, acepten el desafio. Es un elemento de cambio poderoso y necesario. Pero para enfrentar el desafio, deben creer en ustedes mismos.


      Level II Coaches Use Video to analyse athlete performance

      A worm’s eye view of coaches’ discussions

      Coaches Antonio Rivas (ESP) and Kristine Chambers (CAN)

      Coaches observing athletes during swim

      PATCO President Alberto Fonollosa

      Even the coaches make time for meals.