By ITU Admin on 15/11/05 at 12:00 am

Jambo from Nairobi, Kenya! (Hello in Swahili.)

ITU is currently in Kenya leading a sport development programme covering basic information in coaching, athlete development, and grassroots event management. 

The entire week in Kenya has been made possible thanks to a generous donation from “Justice for Athletes”.

Day 2 introduced participants to many, new Triathlon skills and the concept of integrating FUN into training.

Amidst a mirage of posters, presentations, laughter, and learning was a solid passion for this sport and the future…. despite formidable challenges.

Each participant outlined a 5-step action plan that they want to implement in their area.

The group will consolidate these plans by the end of the week into a larger vision for Kenya and Africa.

The agenda for the remainder of the week includes programme planning, Triathlon technical skills, youth development and a mini Triathlon on Nov. 19.

Long live the spirit of sport!!  by Kristine Chambers, ITU Sport Development