Aaron Barclay of New Zealand wins first YOG gold in Men’s Triathlon

Aaron Barclay of New Zealand wins first YOG gold in Men’s Triathlon

By Masa Takaya on 16/08/10 at 3:59 am

Kiwi youngster Aaron Barclay topped at men’s triathlon with the time of 54:41, claiming first gold medal in Youth Olympic Games men’s triathlon.  Kevin McDowell (USA) took silver, bringing the second medal of the YOG triathlon to Team USA, while Alois Knabl (AUT) finished in third.

32 athletes from all five continents started off under rainy skies this morning.  Several good swimmers tried to head away in the first 750m swim, and nine athletes formed a leading pack during the 20k bike.  Barclay, McDowell and Knabl were joined by Miguel Valente Fernandes (POR), Jeremy Obozil (FRA), Lautaro Diaz (ARG), Thomas Jurgens (BEL), Lukas Kocar (CZE), and Abrahm Louw (NAM), pushing hard to edge out the second group.  The lead bunch finished the bike with a 90-second advantage.

Barclay, who was the second finisher at Oceania YOG Qualifier, tried to break away at the exit of the transition.  Only McDowell, the American YOG Qualifier winner, could stayed at his back, and the two athletes demonstrated an exciting head-to-head battle until the first final run leg. Barclay, however, managed the 5k run in 16:32, the best lap among the athletes racing today. The Kiwi crossed the finish line first, enjoying cheers of the crowds in the final stretch.

Asked about the feeling of getting to hold the gold in the first-ever Youth Olympics, Barclay said, “It was pretty incredible. I don’t know what to say. I’m really proud to get this for New Zealand because I really love my country.”

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