2016 Photo Comp: WTS Leeds & Stockholm & Hamburg

2016 Photo Comp: WTS Leeds & Stockholm & Hamburg

By Chelsea White on 09/01/17 at 12:00 pm

It is that time again!

The 2016 Photo Competition is here!

At ITU, we have three of the most talented photographers from around the world who shoot the World Triathlon Series and major events for us, Delly Carr (AUS), Janos Schmidt (HUN) and Wagner Araujo (BRA). So what better way to end out the year and kick start into the next one by showcasing some of our favourite photos that they have taken?

And because we love competitions, why not put our photographers on the start line and let YOU decide which photo was the overall best photo from the year? So over the next six weeks we are gong to take a look back at some of the best photos from the WTS and Olympic and Paralympic Games and then you can vote on which ones were your favourite! The most voted on photo from each competition will then go head-to-head until we crown the overall best photo from the year!

So let the games begin! Don’t forget to vote for one photo from each race!

This week we are returning to the European tour of the World Triathlon Series: WTS Leeds, WTS Stockholm and WTS Hamburg.

Leeds was a special race to shoot this year as it was the first time that the English city appeared on the circuit. And for a debut race, it was packed! The hype that surrounded the race, due to the fact that it is the hometown of the popular hometown heroes, the Brownlee brothers, and also the training city for female superstars Non Stanford and Vicky Holland, meant that practically the whole city turned up onto the streets to cheer on their British elites.

It was also the only WTS race that Javier Gomez Noya raced in 2016. We miss you Javi!

So you can really see the excitement in the photos!

Photos from WTS Leeds were shot by Janos Schmidt.

2016 Photo Competition: WTS Leeds





Next on the European excursion, the elites headed north to Sweden.

This race is always one of the more challenging courses, due to the cobblestone streets, but it make for some great pictures!

The results of the race were also pretty significant, as the Brownlee brothers recaptured the city that they normally dominate for titles and Bermudian Flora Duffy snagged her first WTS gold medal, which gave her a huge boost for collecting points and giving her a real shot at earning the World Title (spoiler alert: she ends up winning that World Title!)

Photos from WTS Stockholm were shot by Janos Schmidt

2016 Photo Competition: WTS Stockholm





Hamburg is always a very exciting stop on the WTS calendar because it is always paired with the Mixed Team Relay World Championships, which means the city is packed with spectators and the atmosphere is electric!

In 2016, it was a good year for USA in Hamburg. Katie Zaferes won her first WTS gold medal and then USA succeded in their handoffs and won the World Title in the team event!

Photos from WTS Hamburg were shot by Janos Schmidt.

2016 Photo Competition: WTS Hamburg