2016 Chiba ITU level 2 coaching course held in Chiba, Japan

2016 Chiba ITU level 2 coaching course held in Chiba, Japan

By ASTC on 27/11/16 at 8:03 pm

Japan The newly modified ITU Level 2 coaching course just finished an intense 5 days-long course that includes sport science instruction, physiology, psychology, training theory and practical sessions.

The course was delivered by Sergio Santos from Portugal, Andreu Alfonso from Spain, and Tony Jolly from Great Britain at the Makuhari Seminar House. 18 candidates were selected among 38 applicants from 10 ASTC member countries with diverse coaching backgrounds such as school PE teachers, national junior team coaches, and club coaches and so on.

Participants expressed their satisfaction on the course not only because the facilitators have made interactive sessions to make the participants learn better, but also because facilitators did their best to make sure participants’ understanding by inviting feedback and questions from participants.

“All the participants really appreciate their learning opportunities from the three outstanding facilitators with equally successful coaching careers. The three facilitators’ different facilitating and coaching styles created an ideal environment for learning. They encouraged us in being more focused on the sessions, this enabled everybody to understand and absorb a lot of the topics in the course.” Said Anthony Lozada from the Philippines.

“We are learning more when we are asking questions. That is why our facilitators tried hard to make the participants feel comfortable. I am certain that we created the atmosphere throughout the course.” Said Tony.

“Our sport is growing so rapidly. Coaching education is one of key factors to improve the performance of athletes from emerging countries. I hope the knowledge and experience participants have leant here to be implemented to their daily coaching and to be share with their colleagues.” Said Sergio Santos.

“I am so grateful to have the course in Chiba, nearby Tokyo Bay where 2020 Tokyo Olympic triathlon will take place. These coaches come back to their countries with Olympic sprits and goals. I wish to see them with their athletes in 2020 Tokyo Olympic again.” Said Mori Mitsuru, JTU coaching committee chair.