2012 Yokohama Pre-race Press Conference Highlights

2012 Yokohama Pre-race Press Conference Highlights

By Nicola Hargreaves on 28/09/12 at 6:34 am

Olympic medallists Lisa Norden (SWE), Erin Densham (AUS) and Javier Gomez (ESP) along with 2011 Yokohama WTS gold medallist Joao Silva (POR) met with media at the event’s official pre-race press conference prior to the 2012 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama.

The 2012 Japanese Olympic team made up of Ai Ueda, Mariko Adachi, Juri Ide, Yuichi Hosoda and Hirokatsu Tayama also answered questions at the press conference including current form towards the end of this Olympic year.

Lisa Norden (SWE)
On racing in Yokohama:
“I was here in 2009 and it was my first World Series win ever in my career, so I obviously have very good memories of Yokohama and I had a very pleasant time here. That year was the lead up for the Grand Final in the Gold Coast as well and I guess it’s a similar set up this year. It’s an important race for us and it’s nice to be here and then we have the big one coming up afterwards. I hope it will be a similar way as 2009 was for me.”

On her current form:
“I have very much been enjoying the back end of the season where I’m injury free and I’ve been getting stronger and fitter by the week.” 

Erin Densham (AUS)
On her goal for 2012:
“Obviously now my goal is to hold on to that number one ranking. It is going to be really hard because there are so many girls out there who are doing well and want the same thing. I’m just going to have to go in there and do the best that I can. There are two more races left and I guess we will just see how it all pans out.”

On the secret to her success in 2012:
“There is really no secret, for me it’s about being in a really nice environment, being happy and staying injury free so I can do consistent training. As for tomorrow, I have never been to Yokohama, I have never raced here so I got out to see the course this morning and it looks really good, it’s technical and lots of corners and that always makes it fun and a bit more exciting. I’m hoping to have the best race that I can.”

Javier Gomez (ESP)
On the race in Yokohama:
“I think it’s a very technical race. Especially the bike, there are lots of turns. I remember in 2009 one of the key factors was that it was so warm, but it looks like this time it’s not going to be like that. If it is windy like today it is going to be pretty challenging for everyone because we all saw the water conditions, it’s pretty choppy so it’s going to be difficult. Then on the bike, such a strong wind could always be dangerous, but we have to deal with the weather conditions and that can make the race tougher. 

On his current form:
“After such an important race like the Olympics it is hard to keep as focused as before and I kind of did it, I kept on training well and doing things well. I got second in Stockholm, I went to Hy-Vee as well. But then I got a little injury and I had to stop for one week of training, so now I’m coming back again and I really don’t know what to expect this weekend. My motivation is high and I look forward to the race and to the Grand Final in Auckland.  But physically maybe I’m not 100%, but hopefully I will have a good race and an even better one in three weeks in Auckland.” 

Joao Silva (POR)
On expectations in Yokohama:
“I really like the city and the people, they are very kind. Since last year I was expecting to come here again and I’m hoping to have a good race and give a good show.”

On growing his beard:
“I think I am going to do a vote in facebook to see if the girls like me with or without it, so I have to grow it to take some pictures.”

Ai Ueda (JPN)
On her hopes in Yokohama:
“After the Olympics I gradually got into regular training in a very natural way and I am very lucky to be here at the World Championship Series event in Yokohama with so many strong athletes. I think it’s really a wonderful opportunity for me. I am full of fighting spirit and I am ready mentally but I don’t know how much physical strength I have, but to demonstrate my mentality I will do my best in tomorrow’s race.”

Mariko Adachi (JPN)
On her hopes in Yokohama:
“After the London Olympic Games, the first thing I thought and actually I spoke about the race of Yokohama. I said I wanted to race in Yokohama and get a medal and for the past two races in Yokohama I had a fall on the bike, so I want to complete tomorrow’s race and I would like to show a good competition and a good result to everybody tomorrow.”

Yuichi Hosoda (JPN)
On expectations in Yokohama:
“Tomorrow I will do my best and that’s the only thing I can say. I’d like to demonstrate what I have now. I would like to get on the podium as much as possible, so I may be suffering tomorrow but I am determined to do my best.”

On his race plan:
“I think after the Yamashita Park, out of the park, the first turn I want to be in the lead and that is very important. Of course I would like to stay in the top positions in the pack but everybody thinks that way and so it is very tough to lead the pack, but I would like to use the strength of my legs to make it possible.”

Racing begins with the elite women at 8:05am on Saturday 29 September, followed by the elite men at 11:00am. Follow every movement live through www.triathlonlive.tv. Follow on Twitter at twitter.com/triathlonlive.

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