2012 Photo of the Year - Week Seven: Yokohama

2012 Photo of the Year - Week Seven: Yokohama

By Fergus Murray on 16/12/12 at 5:00 pm

As the penultimate stop on the ITU World Triathlon Series, Yokohama was the site of gut wrenching efforts to clench critical world championship points. The women’s race saw a grueling battle between training partners, while Joao Silva defended his race title.

After a large group hit the second transition together, a smaller pack of brisk runners led by Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) and Emma Moffatt (AUS) forged ahead early on the run in the women’s race. Lisa Norden, meanwhile, sat back waiting for the right time to strike. When she did blast off, her training partner Anne Haug (GER) followed, and Norden found herself engaged in an all-out sprint for the second time this year. While she finished with silver in London, a determined Norden got the win in Yokohama. Review the sprint finish here.

Silva enjoyed his second consecutive win at the ITU World Triathlon Yokohama with a blistering run that bested Spain’s Javier Gomez. Although Yuichi Hosoda (JPN) and Kris Gemmell (NZL) broke away on the bike, they couldn’t hold off Gomez, who ran in front until the final lap. But Silva slingshot past a then-recently injured Gomez for the top podium spot. Check out Silva defend his title here.

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