2008 African Championships Update

2008 African Championships Update

By World Triathlon Admin on 20/12/07 at 12:00 am

Next year will be the Triathlon year for Tunisia and Africa, a decisive year for the African Triathlon Championships Organizer to put onward their best efforts, under directives from the ATU and ITU, to achieve the success for the preparations of the prestigious triathlon continental event, according to the Tunisia Triathlon Association Executive Board.

In their preparation for 2008 Yasmine Hammamet Triathlon African Championships, the organizers will vigorously:
- Boost the preparation work and successfully step up the Triathlon African Championships to high standard organization level.
- Bring in partners to sponsor and grant participants a major discount on airfare transportation and accommodation to encourage bigger participation in the event.
- Draw participant from all continents specially Europe to generate a unique opportunity for African athletes to test international competition in their region.
- Promote the event venue and the LOC capability in the aim of drawing the Triathlon Word Cup Series in Tunisia.
- Heighten the promotion and development of the sports of Triathlon in North Africa by the fostering of the ITU and its Global partner BG.

For more information, contact: abdelbacet.abdouli@tri-tunisia.org or contact@triathlon-events.org

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